The paintings arrived in New York for this week’s show, ARTexpo, April 19-22. Many of you have asked me what is ARTexpo? I hope this press article answers some of those questions. Being juried into this major international show is a huge honor. There will be 400 booths and an attendance of 36,000.

California artist, Lori Mole, will be exhibiting her newest paintings from April 19-22 at ARTexpo, New York City. ARTexpo is one of the largest international shows celebrating its 40th year as Lori celebrates her 25 years of painting “The Music Series”.
After 30 years in Sonoma County, she’s had a lot of experience in the art world running her own galleries and representing other artists. Lori recently moved to Orcutt in Santa Barbara County, CA where she’s excited to be able to devote her time to her own paintings. She paints in acrylic, many times adding graphic notes or lettering to create bold and dramatic designs.
As an artist, Lori knows music can take us instantly through decades of time. It helps us through the bad times and celebrates the good times. She records ideas in her many sketchbooks while in the studio, traveling or listening to live music. Her artwork is collected by music lovers of all generations. Though it started out as a “Symphony Series”, it soon began to represent all types of music: jazz, country, blues, opera, and rock and roll. She continues to be in many juried and invitational shows throughout the U.S. and was the selected artist for the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Festival.
Rick Barnett, Managing Director of ARTexpo, New York forwarded her music blog to the jurors of the show. He is calling “The Music Series” iconic. ARTexpo puts emerging artists in the “right spot at the right time” for a crowd of Gallery Owners, Publishers, Art Collectors, Art Consultants and Interior Designers.