Costa de Oro Winery Show

COSTA DE ORO WINERY show will be so much fun! I paint wine glasses into some of my music paintings and so it just seems like the perfect place to exhibit on Sunday, August 12th from 11am-3pm. See you then! 

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Press Article – What is ARTexpo?

The paintings arrived in New York for this week's show, ARTexpo, April 19-22. Many of you have asked me what is ARTexpo? I hope this press article answers some of those questions. Being juried into this major international show is a huge honor. There will be 400...

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2 Weeks ‘til My NYC Debut!

As I type this, 40 of my music paintings are being professionally packed and crated. They range in size from 48”x36” to my “Gems” of 6”x6”. An ARTexpo shipper then canvases the USA picking up artist crates and will deliver mine to my booth #S625 in New York City....

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