Honey Bunny Month

MICK (Jagger) is the featured painting for the month of March in my 2024 Desk Calendar. He’s sporting his cool sunglasses and leaning on the edge for his portrait to be painted. I kinda love how the buttercream yellow melts into the pink background with turquoise as the accenting color. I hope you found the hidden heart. In New York at my Art Reception February 17, 2024, I was interviewed by Kristal Hart, NYC TV personality. Because her name is Hart, she loves that I put a heart in every painting. I explained in my TV interview that sometimes my brushstrokes just make a heart. If that happens, I try to leave it. If not, I always add one for you to find. Available now are 8″x 8″ Fine Art Prints of Mick, Dereck, Daisy, Adele and Oliver. They are easy to frame in Michael’s 12″x 12″ frames. I also have my Bunny Card Set of 7 different bunnies. What will be in your Easter Basket this year? 

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