2023 Calendar – Package of 5


“Imagine holding an entire art exhibition in the palm of your hand”, stated Caleb Wiseblood, Arts Editor, Santa Maria Sun, referencing Lori Mole’s Calendar. 

Take care of your Christmas list by giving the “Gift of Art”. My artistically created desk size calendar, 4.25″x 8.25″, proudly stands on its own. Celebrating 30 years of painting music, I’m also happy to announce the 10th year of the calendar! Each month features new work from the year 2022 and the originals are available in My Shop under Original Acrylic Gems. If already sold, then you can order Prints. If you are interested in February “How Sweet It Is” or July “She Rocks” you can call Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York. They are on exhibit there until December 31st.

For the first time, you can order 1 calendar at $14 or a package of 5 for $65 ($13 each) or a package of 10 for $120 ($12 each). Many order 5, 10, 25, or more at a time so this makes it easier and reasonable with FREE shipping. If you would like 25 or more, please contact me through my contact page. My largest order was 80 for business clients of a large firm. They do make great client gifts especially for art appreciators, neighbors, coworkers. It’s the perfect size in your kitchen, in front of your computer or even in your traveling RV.

Cheers and here’s to a Joyous, Healthy and Happy New Year 2023!  



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